"Wayne notices what is hiding under the surface, he brings to light the aspects of my being and spiritual awareness that will best assist me with my true purpose and dreams".

"You helped me realise how much I have achieved and how strong I am. Your genuine praise and recognition of the positive is soo uplifting".    

- Pania B, Whangarei

"Wayne is an amazing person. I was first put in touch with Wayne after recommendation from my partner. As a typical Kiwi bloke, I felt a bit tentative engaging in talking to another bloke about my feelings, dreams and internal conflicts. However, within the first session it took no time for me to feel comfortable enough in Wayne’s presence to do so. I put this down to Wayne’s calm and collected nature, he is always willing to listen and consider my thoughts with no passing judgement.

 I believe one of Wayne’s strengths is his ability to delicately move you in the right direction. He never once told me what to do or take one line of action, but provided me with the ability to come to solutions that were within me all along. His ability to analyse your current view and be able to provide different perspective is amazing, I often find us discussing pre-existing problems lasting years that are resolved simply by looking at it in another way. I could not recommend Wayne enough, his ability to make people feel comfortable and expertly nudging you to take on these challenges life gives is priceless and would suit people coming from all walks of life".

- Michael, 26, Tauranga

“Wayne is an incredible skilled Life Coach. He is empowering and knowledgeable and I've found him incredibly helpful, compassionate and supportive. Wayne has a very kind and warm nature which made him easy to talk to.

I gained so much from my sessions with him. I can't recommend him highly enough. Working with him has been life-changing." 

- Rachel Z., Wellington

A note from Lucy Grace - Spiritual teacher, therapist, mentor and guide


"I have known and worked with Wayne as one of his mentors for almost a year - over this time I have come to know and respect him deeply. Wayne is someone who possesses the gift of deep empathy, wisdom and insight - I do not say those things lightly, but because they are true. 

He has a way of seeing-in to a person, cutting through their noise, and recognising what it is that is holding them back, or what they need to see to unlock their own transformation, insights and gifts. In this way, he builds the teacher and guru inside them, which is something a person keeps forever.

Wayne can do this with others, because he has done it within himself. He knows the way, not from learning, or courses (though he has those credentials too) but from deep experience.  He doesn't just talk about going there - he goes there. In his own healing journey, I have watched him traverse the darkest corners of himself and bring those to light, growing deeply, and rapidly - this is the greatest recommendation I could give any coach. He has alchemised his suffering into gold - into insight, intelligence, empathy and a powerful heart-centred approach that benefits all who are lucky enough to work with him.

Wayne has the earnest intention to work in service to others - he is highly trained, highly skilled and most importantly deeply heart based, I couldn't recommend him highly enough".


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