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Thank you for connecting with Speakeasy Coaching. Do you find yourself feeling stuck, confused or dissatisfied in certain areas of your life? Or are you not quite living in harmony with your 'real' self - the self that deeply desires to feel fulfilled, energised, passionate and 'in-flow'.  Coaching offers support and encouragement as you create the mindset, vision and clarity you want in your life. I work with men and women, creating a safe and dedicated space to connect with your goals, dreams, purpose and passions. The focus can be on work life, personal life, stress management, relationships, self-care, life balance, hobbies, parenting, abundance or spiritual life...... Whatever seems to be tapping you on the shoulder and saying "we need to talk". LIfe Coaching will bring focus, dedication and energy to that part of yourself calling for attention. 

Hectic lives can drain us of our energy, our connection and our significance. I invite you to seize this opportunity - honour yourself, and your journey. Please click on the attached video to meet me and listen to how Speakeasy Life Coaching can work for you

"Wayne has such a beautiful heart, he shares new perspectives in a way that makes me want to listen and change my understandings about my own behaviour. If self-care is an area for improvement in your life. Wayne is your Man. He is certainly supporting me, and after two sessions the impact has been amazing"

                                                                          - Pania, Whangarei

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