My Philosophy

Hi, I'm Wayne and I have spent the past 30 years passionately exploring personal growth and self-discovery. Like many of you, I have had my fair share of ups and downs in life. What I have discovered is how we respond to these ups and downs determines the richness of our lives, the strength of our character, our resilience and our joy. I believe we are here, on this planet, to learn and grow - and to experience joy and fulfillment. Our challenges often turn out to be our greatest teachers . . . . . . eventually. I am so grateful that during my most challenging times, or times when I have been feeling lost, I have had some wonderful and inspirational people come into my life - teachers, friends, family, mentors, colleagues, books, videos etc. I am constantly amazed at how the universe will often bring you what you need, exactly when you need it. Speakeasy Life Coaching has been created as a service for people who are dealing with challenge, or who are looking to get more out of life - to achieve goals - to help move that feeling of 'stuckness' - and to find choice and empowerment. 


- Bachelor of Social Practice in Social Work

- Diploma in Social and Community Work

- Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching

- Certificate in Abundance Coaching

- Certificate in Advanced Strategic NLP

- Accredited Member Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance 

   (ANZCAL)  Associate Coaching level


My earliest experience involved being adopted as a baby. This has heavily shaped my sense of how I see the world, and my place within it. Feelings of insecurity, low self-worth and disconnection were constant shadows as I navigated life, struggling for a sense of 'belonging'. I interpreted my adoption as a reflection that I was unlovable, or at least not worthy of unconditional love. So I adapted and made myself useful, and funny, so people would keep me around. And that is what we do as children, to keep ourselves safe and protected - we adapt and find coping patterns that help us feel love and connection. Often those patterns that once served us can cease to be helpful and we have to learn to let them go and/or replace them with healthier ways of being. My journey is a work in progress. I have learnt that life is full of wisdom - our job is to ask the right questions and then listen deeply. Life wants us to grow and shine our light.  

My journey to Life Coaching has been full of twists, turns, a few falls and some magical breakthroughs along the way. Do I Life Coach because I have all my 'sh*t' together or because my life is constantly full of flow and serenity - ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am a Life Coach exactly because of the challenge, adversity and pain I have experienced - and the lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) along the way. This sensitivity to struggle and pain is what enables me to make real connections with people, making it safe to be vulnerable, and helping to create meaningful transformation. 

My background is in social and community work, but I have also spent the last nine years in the corporate world in leadership positions, including the last four years as a General Manager. This breadth of experience helps me connect with people from all walks of life.

I live in West Auckland with my wife, two young children and a cat who thinks he's a tiger. I enjoy spending time in nature, walking and running the rustic tracks and beaches out west. I have a passion for understanding people, in particular, the relationship between mind and body. I enjoy exploring pathways such as meditation, mindfulness and reiki as tools for growth and healing. 

I aspire to 'live up' to the image my children have of me (yes they haven't hit those teenage years just yet).


How can SPEAKEASY LIfe Coaching work for me?