An Investment

Congratulations on exploring what Transformtional Coaching is, and how it can work for you. First and foremost, Coaching is an investment - one of the most powerful investments you can make. Why so powerful? Because you are investing in yourself - your life, your dreams, your purpose, your fulfillment and your passion. You are intentionally giving yourself time and space to explore your life, what is important to you and how you can better navigate your life journey. It is an opportunity to gain clarity, and to develop a vision for your life. It is the ultimate gift to yourself, and your future.


Most people come to Coaching because they seek a deeper sense of fulfillment or because they are dissatisfied with certain areas of their lives. Either they want more joy and meaning, or they want to overcome patterns or issues that no longer serve them. This may be in the areas of work life, personal life, relationships, life balance, self-care, parenting, abundance, hobbies or spiritual life ....... whatever is calling for attention.  A coach will work alongside you, and help you determine:

- What you want to bring into your life (get specific on your values, vision and goals)

- How you can make that happen (tools, strategies and resources)

- What obstacles may get in the way (unhelpful learned patterns, self-beliefs, lack of support etc).


You. You are the expert on you, and your life. And you deserve a life that is full of meaning, joy, fulfillment and fun. A life coach helps you tap into the uniqueness that is you - your strengths, desires, resources and dreams.  They may challenge you at times but this is done to enhance your growth, to get you to see things from a different perspective.  A life coach supports you to be the best possible 'YOU' you can be.


Coaching is a really GREAT one-on-one conversation. You are there because you want meaningful change in your life. Your coach is there because they passionately desire to support you in that growth. I promise you it is a safe space. It is an encouraging space. It is a space to 'keep it real' which will greatly help the process and deliver you the best results. At Speakeasy Life Coaching, sessions are generally one hour and, while one-off sessions are available and helpful, it is generally recommended to dedicate at least four sessions for best results. This encourages commitment, deeper clarity and support for the changes you are making. Choose coaching to keep yourself accountable, motivated and crystal clear on your direction.  

YOUR GARDEN - A Metaphor

Imagine Life Coaching as creating a garden. A Life Coach will help you get clear on your purpose - 'why' are you planting the garden? Is the goal to channel your creativity and have a bright, vibrant garden that uplifts you. Or is it because you want to create a quiet sanctuary where you can find peace and replenish your energy. You may want a garden that enhances an outdoor space, making it perfect for socialising, because catching up with friends and family is important to you. You can see how getting clear on your values - what drives you - influences the type of garden you want to create. A strong, purpose-driven vision will also keep you on track as you 'do the work' - helping you stay focused and motivated.  

Once you are clear on the purpose and type of garden you desire, it's time for the fun - how do you bring your vision to life. A Life Coach will help you explore what your garden needs: spadework (your inner drive and effort), advice/support (what resources can you call upon), understanding what goes into a successful garden - good soil, water, sun, nutrients, patience and tender care. The greater the dedication, the more likely the roots will take hold, and your garden will flourish and bring you deep joy. A Life Coach will help you use the seasons of your life to create a beautiful and resilient garden all year round. Coaching will also help you feel more empowered to identify and deal with any weeds that may pop up. Resistance is a natural part of transformation as you bring new energy into your life - change can be challenging. Coaching will support you in accessing your inner strength, perseverance and resilience.  

Be patient with yourself.

Self-growth is tender;

It's holy ground.

There's no greater investment.

                                             - Stephen Covey


Wayne is based in Auckland, New Zealand (NZ), and offers nationwide coaching online. He has clients throughout the country who access coaching from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office. The first session is about gaining clarity and awareness over what the issues or goals are. We will explore your values, what is important to you, and how this relates to your goals. We will look at the underlying beliefs and feelings you have around the issues, and how these impact you moving forward. The key principle is AWARENESS - with awareness comes CHOICE, and with choice comes EMPOWERMENT. 

Subsequent sessions build upon the vision you have created, developing a plan with clear 'action steps' to turn your goals into reality. These sessions also review progress and explore barriers. Following a four week block, it can be helpful to have monthly one-off sessions to consolidate your growth. You may even choose to focus on another area of your life that is calling for attention. 

Individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions - $85 per session
Individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions

$85 per session

4 session momentum package - $300 if paid upfront
4 session momentum package

$300 if paid upfront

Men's Workshop - Titirangi - Every Tuesday 7-9pmMay 2nd to June 20th
Men's Workshop

Titirangi - Every Tuesday 7-9pm

May 2nd to June 20th


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