Welcome to Speakeasy Life Coaching

Dear friends, 

Well I have finally finished my website - Speakeasy Life Coaching (www.speakeasylifecoaching.co.nz). As many of you know, I have been transitioning into a career in Life Coaching. This is super exciting and feels very aligned with my heart. It has also been scary as f**k as I have had to let go of a lot of comfort and stability in order to usher in this new energy. My family, and in particular my wife, have been amazing and I am so very, very grateful for the incredible support. I also want to thank all of you for the part you have played in helping me to this point - my heartfelt thanks for your encouragement and support. It has been quite the journey as I wrestle with my own fears and insecurities, doubts and limiting beliefs. I even started to feel really unwell this week as my website deadline approached - amazing how fear manifests through the body!

However I have also been seeing a lot of signs around 'faith' this week. And I have spent time reflecting on what faith means to me. Not faith in a religious sense but rather a strong 'lived experience' of connection with my heart, the universe, with life itself. A trust that my footsteps will land where they need to land, even if the road seems a little unclear and bumpy at times. A trust that I will be supported on my journey, and that I will find the willingness, courage and openness necessary to grow. Mistakes will happen, and I may resist or stumble at times but I trust that learning will come from the experience. Yes, faith is what embraces all those self doubts, limiting beliefs and insecurities, it honours their heritage, and then gently but firmly says "it's time to move forward". So I take another step ..... and I so look forward to our paths crossing again soon. 

Love & light,